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Art Direction

art direction for commercial video and independent film sets

 Video Production

creative producer for brand creative and video content

Super 8mm 

artful lifestyle + music documentation for archival-quality promo and short film


video processing aligned with art direction specs and brand guidelines

Production Art Director: branding campaign | for LT Apparel Group, courtesy Hiker Agency.

Production Creative Producer / Director: product video campaign | Slaughter Nostalgia

Production Art Director: short documentary | "Hands In Dirt" trailer

Art Director / DOP: music video | Bangzz "Love" + "Your Boyfriend's Really Bringing You Down"

Director / Producer: lifestyle + music films on Super 8mm | "Dreams", "Thought I Saw You There? - Black Flag at Amos Southend", "Babe Haven Live at Motorco Music Hall"

Producer / Director / Editor : brand - Social | Shop Melanoir + Manifiesto

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